Sandbox Kings


Chronicles of a Hero

Sticks and Stones, Your steel bones, Just words thrown

From mice to Ice, In our veins, From your strength

Kaleidoscope of hope that you show

We cannot do without you, without you

Scream, Scream

This is to chronicle your life, Our pride,This is a tribute for hero’s We owe

Dark to light, Your  fire, And our drive

In Life, We’ll strive to earn your sacrifice, Oh yeah we’ll earn it



Cigarette smoke and mirrors, And secrets on your breath

Inhaling your cloak and daggers, For your eyes, for your eyes only

She said, I know you so well, I could never tell a lie, never tell a lie

I know you so well, I see, Secrets deep inside, secrets that you hide

Secrets deep inside, secrets that you hide

I’ll remove… the painting over your heart, To reveal… your safe box memoirs

You’re so hush hush, you keep it sub rosa, Confidential, strictly confidential

She said shhh, She said quiet now


How to Say

My words, They rattle bars, With a cup of heart, In this prison so bizarre

The key, Is just beyond my reach, This cell won’t breach, I’m stuck with words to weak

How to say,  I love you,  How to say, Baby it’s more than love

My brain, Floods my veins, Deep reigning prose, My teeth clinched closed

My speech, Is it pure enough, To express such love, Evanescing from my blood

I wanna feel, I wanna feel you now, I wanna love, I wanna love you out

I wanna now, I wanna know somehow, Maybe the way that I explain,

How I really can’t explain, Will  tell you baby



Home is a puzzle that’s missed several pieces

I thought god had lost them, It turns out they are in a different room

All the miles hearts fly, For a love mystique

And all the worlds we cross, For destiny A Love Mystique

Your ways are a mystery the clues how they free me

You love shows the answers to riddles I have yet to find


Love Conspiracy

Hired Boris to knock of the largest florist, And Pierre to cook us a candle light fare

Planned a coup de tat at your job with Gustav, And Ludvig Von 25th for mood music

I’m KGB for Love Conspiracies oh darling, My CIA will plot the most beautiful day

Your mission, should choose to accept this message will self destruct in ten seconds

Double O’s working twenty four seven With Q and M branch scared to death of our cart blanche

Trench coat affairs under back alley stairs, Won’t catch me falling for your sting

I kept up facades through your firing squads, And now on to your ring


Jump Around

In this fog of war, fought by my heart and head

I feel I’ve mislead myself, Thinking I can’t have you

This life that I’ve dreamed to do

Jump Around, Jump around now baby

Jump Around, I’m in love now baby

It’s a love sick army, My blood that surrenders arms

Tired of being  en guard ,The walls have just fallen down

This feeling’s just bursting out

My Fire’s stoked,  whoa whoa, I’ve left gun smoke yeah, yeah

I’m bullets screaming to,The freedom of you


You Found A Bomb

Red buttons beg to be pushed in, Tick tock after pillow talkin’

You bought a countdown to my dreams,You set me off wearing your gasoline

You found a bomb deep inside of me, It will explode into everything thing I hoped to be

Plastique box seats wait for me, Boom bang watch the smoke plume hang for me

You bought a countdown to my dreams,You set me off wearing your gasoline

You are my muse, you found the fuse,You are my muse, you found it



It’s cold inside where my soul resides, A cold I’ve caught a gold fever brought

Chills follow bitter pills swallowed whole, Fear infects such severe arrest

Tonight I take hold of my life, of my life, Tonight I take control of my cold

This pain is warm though I feel reborn, My sight is back on a different track

Hope swallows nightmare shadows, Contagious dreams are so good to me

Believe me I’m breaking out , Of this trap I’ve set with doubt

No doubt the symptoms fade, As I betray what’s safe

Tonight I take hold of my life, of my life, Tonight I take control I’m not cold


Snow Globe

Love, it’s been sleeping here to long, I wish you’d come along

Still are the statues of my heart, In a palace worlds apart

A hand shaking up my world , The storm the snow the swirl,

Wraps around my eyes, Flooding over skies

Hauntingly beautiful, magic starts, stormy hearts,

Love , such love, from the touch of your hand

Glass, broken on the floor, These dreams are dreams no more

A kiss shaking up my world, The storm the snow the swirl,

Floods around my soul, For the snow globe

Snow, the snow globe love, Globe, the snow globe love


My Fragile Heart

Excited as I was I could not eat, It was 5 pm and counting till we meet

Rehearsing clever lines at trembling feet, I tried on my whole closet only to repeat

The phone then rang, at 6pm I ran, Hoping it was her just a telemarketer

That’s when I met my fragile heart, Hello my fragile heart

We stand on edge, we stand on edge to fall, Hello my fragile heart

It’s now Eight O’ clock in a coffee shop I wait, Flipping through a magazine with haste

Now every hour rings bitter sour, in my taste, It’s Twelve O Clock in this coffee shop that I now hate

The waiter states, you know she’s not just late, Then through the door, walks my friend that I abhor

That’s when I meet my fragile heart, Hello my fragile heart

We stand on edge, we stand on edge to fall,  Hello my fragile heart

Well you haven’t broken me yet , But you have me mortally wounded

Well what is this you murmur, Will I finish off this murder

A Splash of wet warmth upon my skin, I quickly turn cold deep within

I stop my will it should be her I am trying to kill, I’ll figure out a way yeah, to really make her pay

That’s when I leave my fragile heart, Goodbye my fragile heart

We stood on edge, we stood on edge to fall, Goodbye my fragile heart

Goodbye my, my fragile heart