Sandbox Kings

Happy Halloween!!

Rockumentary Released!!


Still of Pat

Still of Brian

Still of Larry The Third

Larry The Third

SBK documentary in the works

Still image from the upcoming SBK Documentary

Bryan Davis Ltd is shooting a “Behind the Music” style short documentary on Sandbox Kings. Stay tuned for its release within the next month!!

Show Updates

Sandbox Kings with Olio at PJ Skidoos is less than a week away. Its going to be an awesome show!!

Both full band and some acoustic shows have been added to the calendar in August. Check out the show dates page for more details.

New Songs & Recording

The band has been working on a bunch of new tunes!! We know what you’re thinking. “When can I hear some!?!?” Come to our show at Memories May 17th and you’ll hear our latest favorite, “Breaking Bones”!! Its a powerful, emotional song about possibly losing that special someone and the guys can’t get enough of playing it.

We know your next question… “when are you recording it?” Soon!! The band is going into the studio in a couple of weeks to start tracking the new record!! We have more than a full album’s worth of songs. Its going to be epic!! We’ve got Pat Holliday playing guitar with us and its a great new dynamic.

Keep those mp3 players charged and free up some disc space, because we’ll have new tunes for download before you know it.

Show & Photo Updates

Sandbox Kings playing Memories with Don’t Call Me Shirley May 17th!!

Red Horse Dates Coming soon!

We’ve got some new pics and more tour dates coming in the next few days. Be sure to stop by to get the goodies!!